Beyond Summer Ventures

Beyond Summer Ventures course

Course Overview  

Learn self-advocacy and communication skills to tell your story in person, in college essays, and professionally of a research experience or other key extracurricular experiences.  

Identify gaps in research communication you started or drafted (poster, paper, talk) or start a draft of a new one to finalize and present at a research venue (competition or conference).  

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Goals and Use

You gain critical skills in a research experience or other high impact extracurricular school or summer opportunity. This course teaches you how to identify, focus, and advocate the transformative (soft) skills that students gain in a research experience, and how to frame them in common recruitment tools like:

During this course you will improve key aspects of presenting student research, including explaining, diagrams/tables, identifying key messages and headings, and meeting professional standards for citation. This provides time to rehearse presenting your research at conferences or events such as NC Science and Engineering Fair, Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, State of North Carolina Undergraduate Creativity and Research Symposium, and similar events. 

You will engage in a mix of skills-based activities (self-paced, can work ahead) and projects with fixed deadlines tied to our face-to-face meetings. The class is a mix of learning principles and applying and practicing them with examples embedded in the course, and producing your own work.  

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