Test Preparation:  ACT,  AP,  SAT…


Print in the Library Collection

Test preparation books are organized by type (e.g., SAT) or by subject.  Search the Library Catalog to see if materials for a particular test or subject test is available in the Library’s collection.

Reserve Collection

The Library also keeps a number of ACT, AP, and SAT test preparation books on the Reserve shelves at the Circulation desk.  These books cover a variety of subject areas and are available for use in the Library only.

Example: “Does the library have any books for studying for the AP Physics exam?”

There are two ways to find the answer to this question by searching the Library Catalog.

If you are looking for a subject test, you will want to combine the name of the test (ACT, AP or advanced placement, or SAT) with the subject, such as in the above example.

Or, ask your Librarians!