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NCSSM Launches the Learning Innovations Project

January 9, 2019

a webinar series for educators by educators Have you ever found yourself standing before a room of zoned-out teenagers trying…


iPevo Annotator software allows you to write on your screen

October 11, 2017

iPevo Annotator allows you to draw on any image. Often teachers need to create tutorial videos, so their students can…


Edshelf helps teachers find the right educational tools

October 9, 2017

Edshelf is a website dedicated to helping teachers find the right educational tools. Finding the right education content online can…


MathPickle offers challenging puzzles and games that can engage every student

February 1, 2017

Image courtesy MathPickle.com, CC BY-NC-ND I discovered MathPickle.com after purchasing Santorini, a board game created by Dr. Gordon Hamilton, mathematician,…


Ready to flip your classroom? This website can help

December 13, 2016

Photo by Jen Hegna, CC BY-NC 2.0 Blending face-to-face learning with elements of online learning can increase individualization, course flexibility…


Medium is an excellent platform for student writing and publishing

December 8, 2016

Medium is more than a standard blogging site. It is a publishing platform that allows users to write and publish…