Marilyn Catherwood ’18

Residential Education Instructor


Joined NCSSM in August 2022

Marilyn “Woody” Catherwood joined NCSSM in August 2022 as a Community Coordinator for the Durham campus. They graduated from NCSSM in 2018 and moved on to study history at UNC Asheville with a focus in Appalachian history. Throughout college, they worked as the Assistant Manager and Community Changemaker of Ben & Jerry’s, where they found a deep love for working with highschoolers. Woody applies this passion for working with teenagers by inspiring an open minded and intersectional approach to education and community building at NCSSM. In their freetime, Woody enjoys gardening, beekeeping, cooking, and writing. They have a deep love for the ebb and flow of the environment and hope to invite students to find peace and appreciation in nature.

BA, History, University of North Carolina Asheville 

Residential Education

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