Invitation to Neuroscience

Date(s) & Location(s):
June 5 - 23, 2023 in Morganton, NC (In-person portion starts June 18th)
June 12 - 30, 2023 in Morganton, NC (In-person portion starts June 25th)
Grades Eligible:
Rising  10th 11th 12th
Course Description:

This course is an exciting introduction into the field of neuroscience. Students will learn about neuronal communication, sensory systems, motor systems, and higher brain functions. Students will use hands-on, interactive exercises to understand the nervous system and the processes in which the human nervous system takes in information and produces behavior.

Students will learn firsthand about the subjectivity of perception as we discuss the brain mechanisms that make perception possible. Students will take their own EKG and EEG measurements to gain insight into the fight or flight response, the visual cortex alpha rhythm, and the P300 surprise response. Hands-on experiements will help students learn about neuronal recording, motor behavior, and decision-making. At the end of the course, students will be able to explain how a selected behavior is carried out within the nervous system from start (input in the form of raw energy) to finish (the produced behavior).

Dr. Allison O’Leary