Exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Date(s) & Location(s):
June 9 - 14, 2024 in Durham, NC
Grades Eligible:
Rising  7th 8th 9th
Course Description:

Your owl has delivered the news: the commencement of Hogwarts awaits with a rescheduled start day! Prepare your essentials and join us at Platform 9 3/4 for a thrilling week filled with enchanting activities. Delve into the foundational aspects of Hogwarts life, such as the Sorting Hat ceremony and the crafting of illuminating wands. Navigate through essential subjects like Charms and Potions as we immerse ourselves in Hogwarts courses and timeless school traditions. Anticipate a week brimming with excitement, explorations, and engaging activities—all meticulously crafted to assist you in conquering your very own O.W.L. examinations.

Dr. Robin Boltz
About The Instructor:

As NCSSM’s Director of Library, Instructional Technology and Communications since 2012, Robin Boltz takes pride in serving all constituencies in the school. Under Robin’s leadership the library has undergone a complete remodel with all new furniture and computers, mostly grant funded. She also supervises the librarians tasked with the NCSSM Digital Archive project. She holds teaching certification in School Library Media, and greatly enjoys her role as a teacher of research skills and digital information mining. She has served on a strategic planning action team, developed the Harry Potter Mini-Term, and is part of the advising planning team and the NCSSM-Morganton student experience team. Robin has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and Technical Theatre from High Point College, a master’s degree in Library Science from East Carolina University, and a Ph.D. in Library and Information Science from UNC-Chapel Hill.