NCSSM’s Strategic Plan 2019–2024

Planning our future, building on success

Building on the success of the previous Strategic Plan that helped guide our school’s vision, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics embarks upon a historic next five years. We are have constructed and opened a new, 300-student second physical campus in Western North Carolina, raised tens of millions of dollars to upgrade and expand our Durham campus, and we have grown our distance education programs to serve nearly 1,000 students with courses each year, reaching counties and schools across North Carolina.

This strategic plan—created with the deep involvement of students, parents, alumni, employees, boards, friends and collaborators—provides a framework for navigating these complex changes in intentional, sustainable ways. The plan guides us as we optimize how we serve students across North Carolina, strengthens our daily practices as an organization, and helps NCSSM catalyze even more opportunity across the state.

Strategic Plan 2019–2024

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The Office of Institutional Effectiveness provides leadership for the institutional strategic planning process as well as work with individual divisions and departments by request.

For more information, or if you have questions about the Strategic Plan, please contact:

Krissi Hewitt

Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Chief Research Officer


Updated July 23, 2021