NCSSM’s Strategic Plan, 2024–2028

NCSSM 2030: Advancing academic excellence for all NC

With the monumental opening of the new Morganton campus in the summer of 2022, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics greatly expanded our institutional scope, presence, and positive impact within North Carolina. Diligently executing the vision and action plans set out in our most recent previous strategic plans got the institution to this point. Now, as one school with two campuses and many programs, this new Strategic Plan guides NCSSM to sustainably optimize our capabilities, practices and resources. It leverages the many insights from the experience of building a campus from scratch to meet the needs of our institution to catalyze a vision for extensive renovations on the century-old Durham campus and redoubles our efforts to create efficient, effective, and sustainable operations involving our entire team.

Crucially, the plan strengthens NCSSM in caring holistically for team members and students. Alongside these efforts, we will build our partnerships strategically and intentionally to magnify our impact on STEM education for students in all 100 North Carolina counties and beyond. As a result, this Strategic Plan—created with the deep involvement of students, parents, alumni, employees, boards, friends and collaborators—features two other cross-cutting themes: an emphasis on broad access to education and the active participation of alumni as key to meeting our mission.

Strategic Plan, 2024–2028

Updated Oct. 20, 2023

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