Welcome to the Computer Science department at NCSSM.

Its faculty members are John Morrison and Sam "Q" Boyarsky.

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New for 2015-16 There is a new introductory course CS 352, designed for students who have never programmed before. This class will cover some of the introductory material now covered in CSC 402. The CSC402 class will change. We will begin in Chapter 3 of the book, which starts with Python. Preliminary material from Chapters 0, 1 and 2 will be covered in CSC 352.

What is the benefit? This will improve the pacing and participation in introductory programming. Non-programmers are often find being in class with programming experience intimidating. We encourage those with programming experience to place into CSC 402.

Our experience with piloting this class this year was very good. Ask around: you will be able to find students on campus who took this course in 2014-15.

What is next? We have created a cutting-edge first-year computer science sequence using Python 3 and Java 8. You can read about these courses by clicking on the courses link on the left. They are CS 402, 404, and 406.

The second course, 404, is an early-objects introduction to Java. Students who take this course learn how to write a simple, robust, fully-featured event-driven application. A third trimester, 406, introduces object-oriented data structures and blows away the requirements of the AP Computer Science Syllabus.

For second-year students, we offer a year-long Data Structures course. In this course, students also get to learn about threading, sockets, and they learn to develop substantial Java applications. There may be some realignment done during the curriculum review in the summer of 2015.

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