The Engineering and Technology Department

Welcome to the Engineering and Technology department at NCSSM, which currently houses the Mentorship program, computer science, engineering, as well as various interdisciplinary activity.

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Open House, Fall 2013 You can view the slides for the open house here.

About The Department

The department has created a cutting-edge first-year computer science sequence using Python and Java. You can read about these courses by clicking on the courses link on the left. They are CS 402, 404, and 406.

The second course, 404, is an early-objects introduction to Java. Students who take this course learn how to write a simple, robust, fully-featured event-driven application. A third trimester, 406, introduces object-oriented data structures and blows away the requirements of the AP Computer Science Syllabus.

For second-year students, we offer a year-long Data Structures course. In this course, students also get to learn about threading, sockets, and they learn to develop substantial Java applications. This year is the second year for CS 408, which studies the layers of abstraction in modern computers, from the logic gate to the modern compiler.

ohn Kirk and Ershela Sims were hired to build on the Engineering Program. Their expertise has enabled us to create a new suite of offerings in Engineering, at both introductory and advanced levels. You can learn more about these courses by clicking on the FAQ Page menu on the left.

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