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Bylaws of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Staff Council

  • First Reading September 9, 1998
  • Second Reading October 7, 1998

Purpose and History

The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) Staff Council was established in June 1998. The purposes of the Staff Council are:

  • to facilitate NCSSM SPA employee communications
  • and to promote a harmonious community by addressing issues affecting the activities and welfare of the membership.
  • The Staff Council serves as a liaison between its membership, the administration and Board of Trustees, and seeks opportunities for open communication with all members of the NCSSM community.
  • The Staff Council will be a forum for SPA members to voice opinions and ideas about NCSSM. However, it is not intended as a vehicle to deal with individual issues, grievances, or complaints, nor as a means to circumvent regular administrative channels.
  • The Staff Council will work to promote interdepartmental cooperation and help create better communication about NCSSM policies, State policies and future development of the School.

A. Council Membership

The Staff Council will be comprised of all SPA employees during their employment at NCSSM.

B. Officers

Members of the Staff Council elect a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Corresponding Secretary and Financial Secretary who comprise the Staff Council Executive Committee.

1. Duties


The Chairperson presides at full Staff Council and Executive Committee meetings. He/She represents the Staff Council at NCSSM Board of Trustee and other official meetings as necessary.


The Vice-Chairperson will assist the Chairperson and perform the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence.

Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary is the recording officer of the Staff Council and the custodian of its records, except those specifically assigned to others, such as the Financial Secretary's books. He/She will be responsible for taking minutes and distributing the minutes and other pertinent information to the Staff Council members.

Financial Secretary

The Financial Secretary will be responsible for the recording and expenditure of such funds as may be allocated for the conduct of Staff Council business. The Financial Secretary will be responsible for any required financial reports concerning expenditures.

2. Term of Office

These officers serve a one year term and may serve only two consecutive years in any elected office. After serving two consecutive years in any one elected office of the Executive Committee, or serving a total of four continuous years on the Executive Committee, a member must take a year off before running for a new office.

3. Vacancies

In the event of a vacancy in the office of Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall assume that office. In the event of a vacancy in any other office, the Staff Council will elect replacements. A person not currently on the Executive Committee elected to serve less than half a full term shall be eligible for election to next two terms.

C. Elections/Nominations

The Executive Committee shall appoint an Elections and Nominations Committee to conduct the annual election of officers. The Committee shall determine a timetable for the election's process. Annual elections will be held at the regular Staff Council meeting in August.

The Elections and Nominations Committee will:

  • 1. send out nomination forms soliciting officer nominations to all members;
  • 2. confirm the eligibility and consent of each nominee;
  • 3. prepare and distribute ballots, ensuring that each eligible member has an opportunity to vote;
  • 4. collect and count the ballots; and
  • 5. report the election results to the Staff Council.

Nominations must be in writing and signed by the nominator. All nominees will be required to give a brief speech at the regular Staff Council meeting at which elections are held. New officers will assume their duties as soon as the Elections and Nominations Committee reports the results to the Staff Council.

D. Committees

The Executive Committee, Election and Nominations Committee and Program and Activities Committee will be the only standing committees of the Staff Council. As the need for an Ad Hoc committee to examine an issue or implement a task becomes apparent, the Executive Committee shall appoint a Chairperson from Staff Council members to form a committee. The Chairperson will select members of the committee with recommendations coming from the Executive Committee. As soon as the final report from an Ad Hoc committee is presented to the Staff Council the committee has finished its charge. If there is a need for an on-going study of the issue for which an Ad Hoc Committee was formed, the By-Laws may be amended to make this a Standing Committee.

E. Program/Activities Committee

The Program/Activities Committee will perform the following duties:

  • 1. review requests and coordinate speakers for Staff Council Meetings;
  • 2. plan approved community social events;
  • 3. coordinate Staff Council initiated projects and activities; and
  • 4. assist the Community Relations Department in advertising community enhancement activities.

The Executive Committee will annually appoint a new Chairperson for this committee.

F. Meetings

  • 1. Schedule - Staff Council meetings will be held monthly to conduct Staff Council business. The Executive Committee will propose a schedule of meetings for the year at the August regular meeting to be voted on by the Staff Council.
  • 2. Attendance - Staff Council meetings are for all SPA employees of NCSSM. They will be open to any member of the NCSSM Community and invited guests.

  • 3. Voting - Only current SPA employees of NCSSM may vote.
  • 4. Quorum -Twenty-five percent of the Staff Council members shall constitute a quorum. To carry a motion, a simple majority (anything more than 50%) of members voting must cast affirmative votes, except for amendments to the By-Laws, which require a two-thirds majority vote. The Chairperson shall refrain from voting except in case of a tie.

G. Parliamentary Procedures

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, shall to the extent practicable, govern all proceedings of the Staff Council.

H. By-Laws Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended by ballot vote at the regular monthly meeting of the Staff Council by a two-thirds majority vote, a majority vote of those voting, provided that those voting constitute at least 51 % of the total membership. The amendments must be introduced at the regular meeting immediately preceding the vote. The Corresponding Secretary will distribute ballots to all SPA employees within two weeks prior to the Staff Council meeting at which the vote will be taken. The ballots will be due back to the ballot box by the close of the next regular Staff Council meeting.

Submitted for approval by the Staff Council By-Laws and Policy Committee- Karen McFarland, Chairperson, Molly Rich, Chris Taylor, Barbara Namkoong and Robin Copley.


Chair: Lisa Griffin
Vice Chair:
Danny Watson

Ariel Carpenter

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