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College: Duke University (1965) AB Chemistry, Minors Physics and Mathematics

Graduate School:  UNC (1967) MAT Mathematics Education. Completed course work for PhD in Science Education (1972).

I am certified by NC in all Science, Mathematics and Computer Science - Certification is Current.

Earned National Board Certification in 1999 and renewed in 2009.

Taught mathematics at New Hanover HS, Wilmington in 1966-67. Was a TA in Calculus at UNC in 1967, Taught  Physics, AP Physics, Computer Programming, AP Computer Science, AP Calculus, Engineering Concepts and Chemistry at Jordan HS, Durham, NC from 1968 to 2010.  Also taught Physics at Riverside HS, Durham, NC (concurrently) from 1991 to 1993.   I Began first Computer Programming Course (as far as I can determine) in NC in 1971.  Installed first computer (mini-Computer) for student use in NC in 1978. Wrote and ran first full Payroll System for Durham Schools (1974-1978) and wrote and ran a system wide school adminstration system (1978-1990).  Was involved in all aspects of computer usage in the Durham Public Schools from 1970 to 2003 (also teaching) when I retired and began teaching half-time at Jordan HS until my full retirement in 2010. Worked part-time in the UNC Physics and Astronomy Department (Teacher-in-Residence) helping create a new teacher education program called UNC-BEST and co-taught the first Physics methods course (2007-2008).  I worked with a researcher at Penn State on methods for integrating the fully blind into a typical Physics course (2008-2010). 

Began teaching at NCSSM in January 2011.

Awards:  JC Young Teacher of the Year Finalist (1973), Governor's Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (1983)., Presidential Award (1984), Teacher of the Year (ca 1998), Intel Teacher of Merit (2008), and The "David Green" award was created in my name from donations from my previous students to support summer educational opportunities for Jordan HS teachers (2009).  I have sponsored one Westinghouse winner and one Intel national winner.