Faculty Council Minutes, February 17, 1998


The meeting was called to order at 3:45 by President, John Kolena. Only 12 faculty were present at this time. Twenty minutes into the meeting passed before a quorum was reached. Guests included Steve Warshaw, Sally Adkins, John Friedrick, Sandy Rothschild, and Doug Gray.

Announcements: None

Agenda Items

Code of Ethics: John Kolena reported that he had appointed Julie Graves and John Woodmansee to work with Sandy Rothschild on the Code of Ethics document. Two statements in the proposed code had been questioned by the faculty and the Board had asked for additional work on those statements. These two statements read:

The proposed statement drafted by the committee to replace these two reads:

After some discussion, it was moved (Tom Clayton) and seconded that we change the wording of this replacement sentence to simply:

John Friedrick said that this new wording would be put to a vote next week before all NCSSM employees.

Faculty Appeals/Grievance Procedure: John Kolena reported that the Board will vote at their next meeting on the proposed changes in the Faculty Appeals/Grievance Procedure. These changes primarily concern the composition of the Appeals Committee.

Admissions: President Kolena stated that some concerned has been expressed about the small size of the applicant pool for the 1998/99 school year. In response, he prepared a graph showing the number of applicants for each class, then number of positions to be filled, and the percent of applicants admitted. The number of applicants for this next year is the smallest ever (by one) in the history of the school. John asked if the Faculty Council wished to take any action on this concern. It was pointed out that the Director of Admissions and his staff are well aware of this and that they might welcome our questions and/or suggestions. Steve Warshaw said that the problem was very complex and that trying to determine why the number of applications is down is probably not productive, as there is no way to prove any conjecture. He stated, however, that the Administration welcomes any suggestions and input the faculuty might have concerning this issue. Jo Ann Lutz, stating that this is a serious problem and that we cannot wait a year or two for the situation to perhaps correct itself, suggested that the Faculty Council should assist the Admissions Office in making plans to stop the decrease in the number of applications. John Kolena will ask for volunteers to work with Doug Gray and to keep the Council apprised of steps taken.

Alumni Survey: John Kolena, announced that he plans to conduct a survey of recent alumni concerning the quality of life on the NCSSM campus. He is looking for a few volunteers to help with this undertaking.

Five Year Plan: As a way of giving John Friedrick additional input into his proposed Five Year Plan, a discussion on the Faculty Council Web Site identified several issues that fell into three broad categories, Faculty Enhancement, Student Life, and Academic Programs and Technology. Before breaking into groups, John Friedrick stated that this plan is being considered as an effort to make up more relevant. He welcomed our input, but urged us to move quickly on this. He will take our input and come up with a modified list to present to board. The three groups met for 30 minutes to discuss issues. A summary of the group’s discussions is attached . Each group gave a brief summary of their discussion.

John Kolena asked for email to help clarify which items on the list were obvious or non-controversial, and should be acted on as soon as possible.

The meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM

Respectfully submitted,

John Goebel, Secretary