Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Distance Education and Extended Programs provides statewide outreach to improve mathematics and science education for students and teachers. Throughout the school year, but particularly in the summer when on-campus facilities are more readily available, Extended Programs has sponsored teacher professional development workshops and special programs for students. NCSSM has a long and impressive history of grant awards to support these programs.


Student Programs

Labs for Learning
Labs for Learning is designed to serve high-potential students with enriched science and math experiences during a summer residential program and online activities during the school year. Twenty-four 7th grade students began the program in 2008.  Currently the program serves 8th-10th grade students from six school districts in eastern North Carolina.


Step Up to STEM
Step Up to STEM is an interdisciplinary academic program that uses exciting real-world subjects to challenge North Carolina 8th graders and build their skills in science, math and communications. The program includes a summer residential institute and year round activities for African American, Hispanic American and Native American students who live in North Carolina.  The application deadline is March 15th.


Summer Leadership and Research Experience
The Summer Leadership and Research Experience provides African-American, Hispanic and Native American students who have been accepted to NCSSM the opportunity to prepare for the NCSSM experience. The week-long residential experience is both an orientation program to the school and an introduction to research through a partnership with NCSU.


Summer Student Researchers
During the school year NCSSM offers a variety of research options for NCSSM juniors and seniors. During the summer break, juniors are encouraged to participate in additional research opportunities whether sponsored by NCSSM or by outside agencies or programs.


Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics
Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics is a four-week summer program, sponsored by the University of North Carolina (UNC) system and held on four of its campuses. NCSSM coordinates the SVSM program, but does not host the summer program on its campus. SVSM is open by application to all rising high school juniors and seniors. The program provides high-achieving North Carolina students with potential to excel in mathematics and science an opportunity to immerse themselves in investigative classes and research in a residential collaborative learning environment. Each student designs, conducts, and shares his/her own formal research project.


Summer Programs Hosted at NCSSM

NCSSM also hosts professional development and student programs conducted by external groups whose goals align with NCSSM's mission.  External groups have included The New Schools Project, Wake AHEC, the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCCTM), The Collaborative Project and Walltown Children's Theatre.